Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

Cooling Services in KY Need the best air conditioner repair in town? Call Big Sandy Heating & Cooling today! We are a family owned and operated air conditioner repair company that has been doing business in the area for many years. We treat each of our customers like family, and that means responding right away to all service calls. Whether you need your AC inspected or are experiencing a home cooling emergency, our highly trained technicians will take care of your needs. We also recommend regularly scheduled maintenance to keep your AC working like new. Give Big Sandy Heating & Cooling a call as soon as you suspect you have an issue and we’ll get your home back to comfortable temperatures right away.

The Air Conditioning Service You Can Count On

Dealing with an AC repair can be a long process. Some companies don’t arrive for hours and some don’t work very quickly. When your system dies in the middle of the summer, you need it fixed fast! With Big Sandy Heating & Cooling, waiting is in the past! We have very responsive HVAC technicians that are standing by, ready to assist with any problem you throw at them. Not sure if you need a repair?

Notice any of the following? You may be due for an AC repair!

  • Strange Noises
  • Funny Smells
  • Warm Air
  • Weak Airflow
  • Loud Sounds
  • No Airflow

The Importance of AC Tune-Ups in the Big Sandy Region

Lennox AC Pump You may not realize it, but an AC tune-up is one of the most important aspects when it comes to air conditioning units. It not only makes your AC unit work better, but it also increases the life of your cooling system. By having one or two AC tune-ups a year, you’ll definitely see an increase in performance and efficiency. With this beneficial AC maintenance, your system will breathe a sigh of relief and focus on keeping you comfortable. With the extended use of these Ac units come summertime, they work harder and hard to keep you cool. All that extra work can cause performance issues, which ultimately leads to a higher energy bill. When it comes to AC tune-ups or any other air conditioning service, we’re your solution.

Installation Services

Newer air conditioners are much more energy efficient than what was available years ago, so any new installation is going to save you money on your energy bills. We can come to your home and assess its size and cooling needs and make the appropriate recommendations that will give you cooler temperatures throughout the year. We understand that an Kentucky summer is no time to be without a properly working air conditioner, so we work quickly in order to get your new system up and running as soon as possible. We also recommend regular maintenance on new units so it stays in tip-top shape for years to come.

Call Big Sandy Heating & Cooling today and start feeling better instantly!